The Gulag is one of the best features from Warzone. The opportunity to redeploy after dying in game is one of the most unique features i have seen in a battle royale game. The Gulag is known for its intense 1v1s, it’s death chat, some amazing videos and LOTS and lots of memes.

Nobody is meming the gulag as hard as streamer DeanoBeano who recently used A RECORDER to control his player and win his gulag. He uses a program that maps certain notes from the musical instrument to in-game inputs.

You can hear this in effect when he shoots his weapon, using the same note to tap-fire creating a hilarious clip.

This achievement didn’t come easy though, as he spent over an hour and a half trying to make this happen, but when he finally does it’s nothing short of spectacular.

I wonder if the person he killed ever found out he died to a person using a recorder. If that ever happened to me i would hang up the controller for good, and maybe pick up a recorder!