A Call of Duty: Warzone player showed a fresh, new trick using the JOKR Launcher & Cluster Strike to easily eliminate squadsand you can try it too.

A new trick involving the JOKR launcher and Cluster Strike has been doing the rounds on Reddit this week. The JOKR is one of the least used weapons in the entire game, and launchers in general haven’t been a part of the meta since the early days of Warzone’s release, so it’s always a pleasent surprise to see a play you don’t see every day.

The JOKR, also known by the name Javelin, is a lock-on portable missile launcher with a large explosive yield. Once fired, the missile will fly directly up into the air, head towards the target and come driving back down to deal a large explosive blast on the targetted area.

The launcher, which is unlocked at level 35 is undeniably very effective, especially when it comes to taking down vehicles and clearing rooftops, but one player came up with a brilliant strategy to boost its power even more and abolish the aerial advantage of the enemies.

Today’s genius trick came straight from Reddit user InGeorgeWeTrust. The post shows a fantastic way to force rooftop campers inside and eliminate them with a JOKR missile blast. 

In this clip, the player seems to be running straight into an obviously occupied building. Once inside he proceeded to activate the Cluster Strike, which delivered deadly missiles on the tower’s roof. The squad camping at the roof rushed inside to seek shelter from the missile attack. Once they found themselves at the stairwell, the player down below then launches his JOKR towards them, knocking out the entire team with one shot.

We immediately see the killfeed filling up with a number of eliminations. It’s safe to say that the player had already calculated the enemy’s reaction and was quick to act accordingly.

Rest assured that players have been overly excited about this new, easy way of eliminating campers. Like we previously mentioned, the JOKR deals an overpowering amount of damage to the enemies, making it almost impossible to escape from their inevitable fate. Since many players aren’t aware of this new, cool trick, most of them wouldn’t expect a simultaneous strike. Even though this strategy can’t be exploited in every Warzone scenario, it’s still a very clever piece of knowledge to have.

Depending on the player’s reflexes and quick reaction, this attack can sometimes be avoided with the combination of jumping off the building, and the use of parachutes to avoid severe fall damage. Let’s just assume that there won’t be any other squads in the game waiting to use the exact same tactic, and if so, maybe we should avoid a face-to-face meeting with a JOKR missile in a stairwell.

Maybe now more players are aware of this tactic, players will think twice about camping the rooftop of this popular Downtown building, or at least use a different strategy to avoid the cluster strike.