After over 6 months of speculation about a nuke being dropped on Verdansk, it looks like that is finally set to happen April 21st.

The last time Warzone had a live event, it was for the worlwide reveal of Call of Duty: Cold War. The next live event could have greater implications on the future of Verdank.

Real-world teasers have been hitting the doorsteps of Call of Duty partners for a few weeks now. This kicked off back in March after a handful of creators were sent prison overalls, hinting that the zombies would take over the Prison and maybe even the ‘Ghoul-ag’.

Since then, zombies have reached all corners of the map. Undoubtedly the zombies are tied in with the fate of Verdansk and the upcoming nuke event.

Shortly after Warzone’s 1 year anniversary, rumours of a new map started to heat up with a huge leak suggesting we will remain in a reworked 80s version of the current map. These rumours were all but confirmed after a short video surfaced online showing the reworked areas of Stadium, Dam, and other locations.

These rumours are set to come to life on the 21st April. The official Call of Duty Twitter account posted a date and time of an event captioned ‘The end is near’. This is also the date the current season is expected to end.

More packages were sent to Call of Duty partners today, giving more clues about what could happen on the 21st April. This time creators were sent a black hardhat. One side has the Cold War and Warzone logo, with the other side sporting a gas mask inside a yellow triangle above the words “Verdansk Dam”.

The package also arrived with a note which reads “Once the hostiles reach here, we levee a guess that Verdansk is all but gone to the damned. April 21st 12PM”.

If a Nuke is set to launch and destroy Verdansk, evidently things will start at the dam. Expect more details from Activision and Call of Duty in the days leading up to the event, and we’ll see you in Verdansk!