The Call of Duty: Warzone stim glitch returned for the sixth time, luckily this wasn’t as big of an issue this time around.

The oddly familiar stim glitch was once again prominent in the Warzone battle royale, spreading some much-justified confusion and frustration amongst the players. The now infamous stim glitch made a heroic comeback, marking the sixth attempt to fix this seemingly ongoing issue. Raven Software has previously launched patches to resolve identical glitches, but as it seems, it always manages to resurface after a while.

The Call of Duty: Warzone stim glitch allows players to get an infinite tactical, which lets them use the health stim consecutively while being in harmful gas areas. As predicted, some players rushed to abuse this glitch in order to take advantage of the unlimited flash and stun grenades. In the past, this glitch let players stay within these harmful gas areas, and win the matches without actually having to get up-close-and-personal in firefights with their opponents as the circle was closing.

Many Warzone streamers took to Twitter to inform everyone about this new stim glitch, confirming that it was indeed real. Luckily this wasn’t able to mess up your squad matches as it was way less effective than the previous glitches. Streamer JGOD mentioned that “it is in the game and not too difficult to do but it breaks pretty easy and the changes to the gas won’t allow for many people to pull it off.” 

YouTuber Grrae shows us exactly how the stim glitch works in his recent video:

Luckily this time around Raven Software and Activision quickly got on top of the situation by inputting a hotfix overnight, adjusting the gas to increase damage over time. Rest assured that it’s highly unlikely to be able to use the stim glitch to your advantage in this situation as at some point, if you stay for longer than 40 seconds, the adjusted gas can strip you of your health in one-take.

The stim item was fixed, but there is still the previously mentioned issue of being able to take advantage of the infinite flash and smoke grenades. Up to this point, there is still no way of preventing players from doing so. Luckily cheaters get banned from Call of Duty: Warzone if they decide to exploit the aforementioned issue in the game.

Raven Software recently pushed out another ban wave, this time banning another 30,000 accounts in addition to previous ban waves of up to 120,000 cheaters.