We all know how bad the hacking situation is on Warzone, but there might be something even worse than that. In this case we are talking about stim glitchers.

Hackers have to create new accounts, buy the software, install it and still risk being banned in the end, but exploits like stim glitching is available to everyone. All players need to do is find out how it’s done and do it, without it requiring any effort.

I have personally run into more stim glitcher than hackers, but that’s just me.

The stim glitch recently returned for a 5th time, giving players the ability to use the stim an unlimited amount of times. This means they can stay in storm for as long as they want using the stim over and over to regenerate their health and eventually winning the game. Unless the stim glitcher is close to the final circle there’s nothing anyone can do to stop them.

Reddit user ‘biggest_reddit_noob‘ was in a solos match when he found a stim glitcher after obtaining a bounty contract. The bounty contract revealed the enemy players location, who was nearby but deep in the storm.

After waiting for a player to emerge from the storm, it was clear nobody could survive this long unless they were using the stim glitch. The reddit user, who was in the top 25 at the time decided to full send and drive into the storm. After closing in on his bounty, he finds the player hiding behind a rock stim glitching his way to victory.

Luckily this player wasn’t about to let that happen.

You can see how this situation ended below, including a rather angry death chat at the end!

It’s unfortunate the reddit user wasn’t able to make it back into the circle and carry on his game, but we can all appreciate what he did for this lobby. Not all heroes wear capes!


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