It seems every new week that passes, there is a new Warzone meta. We all have our personal preference when it comes to which loadout we pick, but when the highest earning Warzone professional shares his go-to weapon class, it’s time to listen up.

The current highest earning Warzone player is HusKerrs ($133,650) followed closely by second place Aydan ($123,220) and SuperEvan ($97,870) in 3rd place.

In a recent YouTube video he uploaded titled ‘THE AMAX IS BACK!’ he shows off a 31 kill game. The title suggests it could make a return to the Warzone meta and it’s easy to see why. The weapon recoil isn’t as easy to control as other meta weapons, but the damage output compared to others makes up for that.

Huskerrs plays on keyboard and mouse, so his ability to control recoil on this high recoil weapon choice is easier than someone trying this loadout on controller. With his near-perfect recoil control and a weapon with a high damage output, it makes for a deadly combination.

There are many weapons considered ‘m&kb weapons’ and many considered ‘controller weapons’. In my own opinion this loadout will be more beneficial to mouse and keyboard users.

HusKerrs uses the following attachments on his AMAX.

Muzzle – Monolithic Supressor

Barrel – XRK Zodiac S440

Underbarrel – Commando Foregrip

Optic – VLK 3.0x

Ammunition – 45 round mags

It’s highly unlikely the AMAX will will become as popular as the DMR, but in a time when there isn’t a clear stand out weapon of choice, this AMAX loadout is up there at the top end of the Warzone meta.

You can watch the full 31 kill game from Huskerrs below and see this loadout for yourself.


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